Almost a year in the making, this book was compiled to show the vast and diverse field of national service. My own time in AmeriCorps was very influential and I know there are countless others around the country that agree with me. That being said, there are still many more people who have not heard of AmeriCorps or national service and do not understand the power of this program. My hope for this book is that it will continue to spark a national conversation about the importance of service.

One of the most important things to know about national service is that anyone can participate. Every single person has something to contribute. This book highlights twenty-two individuals who have served in various national service programs. Their stories bring to life what it means to serve. There are stories of challenges, triumphs, community, change, love, and the impact national service has in shaping lives.

As these stories are read and shared, I hope they inspire others to tell their stories of national service. Because this is a conversation, that is infinitely worth having in our nation.